Manufacturing, Sourcing, and Assembly

One of the most unique features about our company that sets us apart from other product development/manufacturing firms, is that we can take your product through the design and engineering phases, all the way through manufacturing and fulfillment all in our facility. On top of that, we can provide our clients with low volume manufacturing in quantities typical manufacturers wouldn’t offer.


Our flexibility allows us to work with companies of all sizes. Whether you are a one-person startup who doesn’t have the capacity or resources to handle the manufacturing side of things or you’re an established company who needs to outsource manufacturing to focus on other aspects of the business – we can accommodate to anything.

Our manufacturing services include contract manufacturing, low volume manufacturing, and assemblies. Our related services include product production start-up, assembly fixture design and construction, part fabrication, and domestic and global sourcing. Don’t see your needed service on the list? We’d love a challenge. Badger Manufacturing is your go-to source for sourcing, manufacturing, & assembly!

Interested in how we can help with your next project? Give us a call.